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Professional Paint Correction In Wilmington, NC

Paint correction at Martin’s Auto Spa in Wilmington, NC, will improve the look of your vehicle’s paint finish. Trust us for unmatched paint correction that leaves your vehicle showroom-ready, whether for cosmetic enhancement or restoring your car’s value.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a careful automotive operation that revitalizes a vehicle’s paintwork. Swirl marks, fine scratches, and oxidation are all removed by skilled experts using specialized chemicals and polishing processes. The end effect is a perfect, mirror-like surface that restores the purity and depth of the paint. Paint correction not only improves the appearance of a vehicle but also retains its value by making it resemble new.

Why choose our paint correction service?

Choose our paint correction service for a flawless finish. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to remove imperfections, revealing a stunning, glossy surface that enhances your vehicle’s appearance and value.

Enhance appearance

Paint correction can significantly improve the overall look of the vehicle. The corrected paintwork appears glossy and more vibrant, giving the car a showroom-like finish. It enhances the depth and clarity of the paint, making the color appear more vivid and appealing.


Our paint correction service will improve the appearance of your vehicle. Our expert specialists utilize precision procedures to eliminate defects such as swirl marks and scratches, revealing a pristine, high-gloss surface that improves the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle and helps it stand out on the road.

Increase resale value

With our paint correction service, you can increase the market value of your vehicle. Your vehicle will appear fresher and more well-maintained if the paint is restored to excellent condition. This cosmetic improvement can attract purchasers and lead to a better resale price, making our service a valuable investment in preserving the value of your vehicle.

Paint Correction Packages


Achieve a paint transformation that leaves your vehicle looking close to flawless with our Multi-Step Correction package. This package is ideal for any vehicle that has endured the abuse of tunnel washes and poor washing techniques, offering a reset for your car’s appearance.

Here’s what this package includes

– Maintenance Wash: Revitalize your car’s cleanliness
Full Vehicle Clay Bar and Iron Decontamination: Eliminate embedded contaminants.
Wheels and Tires Washed and Shined: Enhance your vehicle’s overall look.
– Comprehensive Paint Evaluation: We meticulously assess your vehicle’s paint, taking multiple depth readings before we begin.
– Heavy Cutting Stage: We select the appropriate pad and compound combination to effectively eliminate heavy imperfections, rejuvenating your paint.
– Light Polishing: After the heavy cutting stage, we refine your paint to achieve a stunning, mirror-like finish.
Mind-Blowing Transformation: While we can’t guarantee 100% defect removal, we guarantee you’ll be astounded by the results.
– 1 year ceramic coating included
– Following this package, we highly recommend applying a 3 or 5 year ceramic coating to preserve these beautiful results.

Prices start at just $800, making this package an excellent investment in your vehicle’s appearance. Schedule your appointment today and prepare to be amazed by the transformation.


Rediscover your car’s exterior brilliance with our Paint Enhancement Polish package, ideal for giving your vehicle a fresh and glossy appearance.

Package includes

– Maintenance Wash: Revitalize your car’s cleanliness.
– Full Vehicle Clay Bar and Iron Decontamination: Eliminate embedded contaminants.
– Wheels and Tires Washed and Shined: Enhance your vehicle’s overall look.
– Paint Enhancement Machine Polish: Remove 50% or more of swirls and imperfections, restoring a vibrant gloss and shine.
– 6-Month Ceramic Paint Sealant: Seal in the rejuvenated shine.
– Upgrade available to a 1-Year Ceramic Coating.

Starting at just $400, this package offers an affordable way to transform your car’s exterior. Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference.

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Paint correction is a detailed process to eliminate imperfections like swirl marks and scratches. In contrast, a car wash and wax primarily focuses on cleaning and providing essential protection. Paint correction restores the paint’s clarity, offering a higher level of finish.
Paint correction is adequate for most paint finishes. Still, it requires a qualified professional to analyze the condition and select the proper level of restoration. To avoid excessive clear coat removal, delicate or thin paint finishes may necessitate a gentler approach.
The size of the vehicle determines the period of paint correction, the extent of flaws, and the correction degree selected. It can range from a few hours to an entire day. During the examination and consultation, our technicians will provide a time estimate.


Revitalize your vehicle’s appearance and value with our Paint Correction service at Martin’s Auto Spa, 5314 Petrel CT, Wilmington, NC 28409. Schedule your appointment today by calling 910-604-3923 and experience the transformation of a flawless finish. Book now and enhance your car’s appeal!



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