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Ceramic Coating Experts

At Martin’s Auto Spa in Wilmington, NC, we are Waxedshine USA Certified Installers. Their products are the best on the market. They are multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-coating applied to a vehicle’s surface. When cured, this technology bonds to the surface as a semi-permanent, yet durable and flexible for your vehicle’s paint, glass, wheels, and brakes.

What are Ceramic Coatings?

A ceramic coating can be described as an additional layer of clear coat which serves as a sacrificial layer on top of a vehicle’s paint with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties of traditional clear coat. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic so water is repels right off your vehicle’s surface.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Protects From UV Rays & Environmental Factors

Safeguard against sun rays, weather erosion, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and more.

Get That Showroom Look

Your car will have a high-gloss appearance that will wow passersby.

Exterior & Interior Applications

Protect the outside from corrosive materials that cannot adhere to the surface, but instead, easily lift and rinse away. Interior ceramic coatings create more water tension providing easier cleaning and protection from stains setting in.

Never Wax Again!

Ceramic coatings make waxing obsolete. They last much longer and make cleaning a breeze.

We strive for nothing but perfection for your vehicle so you can drive around rest assured your car is looking like new again! Call or text us to book your next appointment at 910-604-3923.

Ceramic Coating Packages


We use Waxedshine coating products so your car can look its best!

The ceramic coating service offered by Martin’s Auto Spa is one of the best things you could do to help protect your car. Ceramic coating goes with your car’s paint job to look like new again while offering an additional layer of hydrophobic protection. With this service, your car’s exterior will be better protected from scratches, dirt, debris, and other wear and tear against your vehicle. At Martin’s we take pride in providing the best service to make your vehicle look it’s best!

High Gloss Ceramic Protection


Protection from harmful environmental factors


Long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance


Application versatility


UV protection

Waxedshine Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction

Why Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in a car’s clear coat. This is achieved by using various techniques, tools and products to massage and/or re-level the clear coat back to like new. We always do some kind of polish before getting started to make your car look brand new when you come back to pick it up. 

Before & After

Before & After

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